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        Notice on Return to School for 2020 Spring Semester













        Notice on Return to School for 2020 Spring Semester

        In accordance with the notification of higher authorities on students return to school for 2020 spring semester, considering local epidemic control and prevention situation as well as with the approval by provincial education authority, GDUT students are expected to return to school by different batches from May 18, 2020. The arrangements are as follows.

        1. Students are expected to be back to different campuses in divided time sequences.

        2. Arrangements for different batches of students to return.

        The first batch: On 18 May, for graduating students who are required to complete the experimental parts of their dissertations.

        The second batch: On 25 May, for doctoral degree students and second-year-studying master degree students who are required to complete their scientific research.

        The third batch: From 15 June to 15 July, for other graduates.

        Other unmentioned students are temporarily required not to return to school. Those who request for returning to school due to the specific needs or personal reasons should make an application to their department. Without approval from the department, students are not allowed to return.

        3. Any specific arrangements for returning to campus and relevant requirements will be notified by departments. Those students who are allowed to return, shall be in compliance with this notices and adopt appropriate personal protection.

        4. Students who are temporarily not allowed to return will continue to attend online courses, and obey the managements and requirements from their local epidemic control and prevention authorities groups.

        Guangdong University of Technology

        May 10,2020

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