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        Having central Guangzhou on your doorstep provides a university experience like no other; and for many students, life in our apartment is an integral part of this experience. At GDUT, we want to provide you with a home away from home, where you will feel comfortable and supported. Our apartments are fully equipped with everything you need to get your head down and study, as well as to relax during your downtime. Wherever you are living, we hope you enjoy your time at GDUT.

        1. On-campus dwelling

        International students who need to live in campus will be allocated by the university according to their majors, campuses where they will take their lectures. Necessities include beddings, desk, air-conditioning, hot water supply, campus network etc..

        On-campus dwelling students should comply with the Regulations on Management of International Student Dormitories at Guangdong University of Technology. Violators will be treated in accordance with relevant articles.

        (1) Accommodation fee and living expenses

        Dwelling students must pay accommodation fee in a timely fashion.

        Long-term accomodation (more than 3 months) should pay the accommodation fee for one semester or the entire academic year.

        Short-term students (less than 3 months) should pay the accommodation fee for one months at one time.




        Higher Edu. Mega Campus

        Block 11,Eastern District

        Single Room

        RMB8000/6 Months,RMB16000/Year

        Twin Room

        RMB4500/6 Months,RMB8000/Year


        RMB2200/6 Months,RMB4000/Year

        Dongfeng Campus

        Block 8

        Single Room

        RMB8000/6 Months,RMB16000/Year

        Twin Room

        RMB5200/6 Months,RMB9600/Year


        RMB3200/6 Months,RMB6000/Year


        RMB3200/6 Months,RMB6000/Year

        Longdong Campus

        Block G

        Twin Room

        RMB4000/6 Months,RMB7200/Year

        Note: Accommodation fees may be adjusted. Bills of water and electricity are not included.In case of any dispute, university reserves the right of final decision.

        2. Off-campus dwelling

        International students who need to dwell off campus must submit the Application Form for Off-campus Dwelling and obtain the consent from the International Education Center (IEC). Off-campus dwelling international students shall sign formal and legal lease contract with the landlord. Within 24 hours after move-in, you must go to the local police station in the dwelling area for a residence registration.When you change your off-campus dwelling places,you must go to International Students Affairs Office of IEC for registration and apply for new residence registration within 24 hours after moving into new place.Off-campus dwelling international students can apply to China Telecom and China Netcom for network service.


        A. Off-campus dwelling students should pay extra attention when signing contract with real estate agency or landlord in order to avoid dispute. For enquiry,students can consult International Student Affairs Office or your headteacher.

        B. Off-campus dwelling international students who fail to register at the local police station in the dwelling area will be subject to fine or face detainment or deportation.

        International Student Affairs Office

        Ms Ye Jiayi, Mr Zhang Ge


        International Education Center

        15 July 2019

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