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        Admission Procedure

        I Admission Procedure

        1.Online Application

        Please register first if you don't have an account. Each valid email address can be registered only once.The email address and password you used in registration are the only credentials to enter the system.

        User Manual:

        1) Visit http://www.seylactry.com/, click the "Online Application" and then proceed with the application, or visit https://apply.gdut.edu.cn/ and continue with a guideline.For best experience we recommend Google Chrome,360 and FireFox Web Browser.

        2) Complete the registration and log in the system, and "Start Applying".


        2. 国际学生下载填写并提交《广东工业大学国际学生申请表》等入学申请资料?/span>

        International student applicants download and fill the application forms and submit the needed documents.

        1) 广东工业大学国际学生申请表(学历生适用?019?/span>

        Application Form for International Students For Degree Study 2019.doc

        2) 广东工业大学国际学生申请表(语言生预科生适用?019?/span>

        Application Form for International Students For Language IFC study 2019.doc

        3. 学校审核审批:Evaluate and approve by GDUT

        1) 语言?预科生:国际文化教育中心→国际合作与交流处→国际交流校领导?/span>

        Language/IFC students:International Education Center→International Office→Vice President International

        2) 学历生:国际文化教育中心→专业学院→教务处或研究生院→国际合作与交流处→国际交流校领导?/span>

        Degree Study Students: International Education Center→Department or School→Academic Programs Division/Graduate School→International Office→Vice President International

        4. 国际文化教育中心申办“外国留学人员来华签证申请表”(JW202表)?/span>

        International Education Center will proceed to“Visa application for study in China?Form JW202) application.

        5. 获批后,国际文化教育中心向申请来校学习的国际学生寄出《录取通知书》和“外国留学人员来华签证申请表”(JW202表)?/span>

        With authorities approval, International Education Center will issue Admission Letter and Form JW202 to international student applicants.

        6. 来华学习的国际学生持《录取通知书》和“外国留学人员来华签证申请表”(JW202表)申办来华签证等?/span>

        International Students admitted to GDUT may apply for your visa (X1/X2) at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country with Admission Letter and Form JW202. International students who will study in China for over 6 months are required to obtain X1 Visa, which will only be valid for 30 days after your arrival in China. You must come to the International Education Center and apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China.

        When register, international students who are holding the visa of other Chinese University need to provide the Transfer Certificate or the Study Certificate.

        7. 来华学习的国际学生按规定的时间到校报到注册、完成相关入学手续?/span>

        International students come to GDUT to finish the registration and other admission procedures.

        II Fees

        1. Tuition



        Undergraduate Programs: 4 years

        RMB 18000 /year

        RMB 26000/year(For Fine Arts study)

        Undergraduate Programs: 4 years


        RMB 22000 /year

        Master's Programs: 3 years

        RMB 20000 /year

        Doctoral Programs: 3 years

        RMB 22000 /year

        Chinese Training: 1 month to 2 years

        RMB 2300/month

        RMB 6000/3 months

        RMB 8000/semester

        RMB 16000/year

        2. Application Fee (Not Refundable)

        English-Taught Degree Programs: RMB 500/person

        Chinese-Taught Degree Programs, Chinese Training Programs:RMB 400/person

        3. Accomodation




        Higher Edu. Mega Campus

        Block 11,Eastern District

        Single Room

        RMB 8000/6 Months,RMB 16000/Year

        Twin Room

        RMB 4500/6 Months,RMB 8000/Year


        RMB 2200/6 Months,RMB 4000/Year

        Dongfeng Campus

        Block 8

        Single Room

        RMB 8000/6 Months,RMB 16000/Year

        Twin Room

        RMB 5200/6 Months,RMB 9600/Year


        RMB 3200/6 Months,RMB 6000/Year


        RMB 3200/6 Months,RMB 6000/Year

        Longdong Campus

        Block G

        Twin Room

        RMB 4000/6 Months,RMB 7200/Year

        4. Campus WiFi Access

        Wireless access to the campus network and Internet is provided by GDUT WiFi access points and is available in all centrally-administered classrooms, public areas in the campus, department offices. The University staffs and students including international students can connect to the campus WiFi service via the SSID“gdut?

        WiFi Service Request: Contact International Student Affairs Office

        Registration Fee: RMB 30/Person

        WiFi Service Fee: RMB 30/Month,enjoy unlimited access of WiFi service.


        Note: Deposit for campus accommodation is RMB 1500/person which will be refunded when check-out.Bills of campus WIFI service,water and electricity are not included.Fees above-mentioned are subject to variation.

        IEC and GDUT reserves the right of final decision.

        III Bank Information

        Pay in China





        银行账号?602028909000196985 (子号码?00000001?/span>

        Pay Out of China



        Bank Name:

        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Guangdong Provincial Branch


        Bank Account Name: Guangdong University of Technology


        Bank Account Number: 3602028909000196985


        Bank SWIFT Code: ICBKCNBJGDG

        银行电传?41016 ICBHS CN

        Bank Telex:441016 ICBHS CN




        International Students Affairs Office

        Ms Ye Jiayi,Mr Zhang Ge

        Tel.: 86-20-37626172

        Fax: 86-20-37626171


        International Education Center

        Guangdong University of Technology

        附件?a href="/system/_content/download.jsp?urltype=news.DownloadAttachUrl&owner=1205805895&wbfileid=2731936">Application Form for International Students For Degree Study 2019.doc?/span>
        附件?a href="/system/_content/download.jsp?urltype=news.DownloadAttachUrl&owner=1205805895&wbfileid=2731937">Application Form for International Students For Language IFC study 2019.doc?/span>

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